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Presidential voting rights for veterans on Guam, territories sought

Soldier saluting

The governor, in his letter to the president, said it’s a “tragic irony” that so many from Guam laid down their lives and thousands more fought and bled on foreign shores in the service of America’s most cherished ideal of defending democracy, yet they cannot vote for their commander-in-chief, the American president.

Source: Presidential voting rights for veterans on Guam, territories sought

Government watchdog report finds racial disparities in school discipline practices

The disproportionate discipline of African-American students has been extensively documented; yet the reasons for those disparities are less well understood. Drawing upon one year of middle-school disciplinary data for an urban school district, we explored three of the most commonly offered hypotheses for disproportionate discipline based on gender, race, and socioeconomic status. Racial and gender disparities in office referrals, suspensions, and expulsions were somewhat more robust than socioeconomic differences. Both racial and gender differences remained when controlling for socioeconomic status. Finally, although evidence emerged that boys engage more frequently in a broad range of disruptive behavior, there were no similar findings for race. Rather, there appeared to be a differential pattern of treatment, originating at the classroom level, wherein African-American students are referred to the office for infractions that are more subjective in interpretation. Implications for teacher training and structural reform are explored.” This was published 12/2002, (It’s been going on forever. The system is taking very few steps to stop it.) The Urban Review

Source: Government watchdog report finds racial disparities in school discipline practices

The Most Racist Statue in America Is in … Pittsburgh, and It’s the Most Ridiculous Magical Negro You’ll Ever See 

There are times, like when watching footage of what happened in Charlottesville, Va., that racism bombards the senses like a virus, leaving your skin sore, your soul hardened and your spirit fatigued; a disillusioning, full-body wizening that disrupts, destroys and (occasionally) ends lives.

Source: The Most Racist Statue in America Is in … Pittsburgh, and It’s the Most Ridiculous Magical Negro You’ll Ever See 

Lakewood welfare: Half of children get assistance; families ‘panic’ after arrests|APP

 Can you even begin to imagine how quickly Black people would have been outed if we tried this kind of fraud. Some of these people lived in $300,000 homes. Now to turn the story away from the crooks, white media is talking about the “sickening” anti-semitic reactions coming from the white public.

These four women were charged with 60 felony counts for welfare fraud over $100,000. Let’s see how many charges the Lakewood fraud people get.

LAKEWOOD – Welfare is so widespread in the township that half of all children live in homes that receive some form of government aid, an Asbury Park Press analysis of census data found.

But one statistic stands out among all other municipalities in the state. There are 10,000 more children in households with married couples in Lakewood receiving food, income or state aid than the next closest town.

A child daycare center was also used to help hide one couple’s true income, according to the charges.

Using public records, federal complaints and interviews with law enforcement officials, the Asbury Park Press examined the puzzle works of the government assistance fraud charges.

More than $1 million flowed through limited-liability companies – legitimate corporations set up to hide ownership – that enlisted relatives as straw owners and used corporate bank accounts to hide money, according to the charges.

At the center of most transactions was a local beeper store that helped transfer money across the globe, the charges state. As the 14 suspects were claiming poverty on government documents, they took in hundreds of thousands of dollars in undeclared income from the front companies.

The paper trail shows the relative ease the families had in allegedly defrauding the government. In one case, authorities say a woman was able to withdraw $1.5 million from a company and deposit the money into her personal bank account while still collecting public assistance.

Federal criminal complaints against Shimon and Yocheved Nussbaum, of Hadassah Lane, and Mordechai and Rachel Sorotzkin, of Albert Avenue, detail how one couple – the Nussbaums – is accused of moving money between companies they controlled and the other – the Sorotzkins – simply failed to report their full income.

These four arrests, as well as another 10 on state charges, have sent shock waves through the township

Hundreds of residents have called local officials to ask about amnesty for public assistance fraud, and dozens have begun canceling their benefits through Ocean County Social Services, authorities said.

In a statement issued late Wednesday and signed by Rabbi Mose Zev Weisberg, the Lakewood Vaad said it was “saddened beyond words” by the arrests, but added “As firm believers in the principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ we suspend judgment until the disposition of these charges, and are comforted knowing that our judicial system is an able arbiter of justice.”

Source: Lakewood welfare: Half of children get assistance; families ‘panic’ after arrests|APP

What happened to black Germans under the Nazis

The fate of black people from 1933 to 1945 in Nazi Germany and in German-occupied territories ranged from isolation to persecution, sterilization, medical experimentation, incarceration, brutality, and murder. However, there was no systematic program for their elimination as there was for Jews and other groups

Source: What happened to black Germans under the Nazis

America’s Takeover of Hawaii

Yet another travesty perpetrated by the white people of America on a peaceful Black nation.

photo of Queen Liliuokalani.

The story of how the U.S. came to invade this small island nation is a shameful but largely forgotten chapter in American history.

I, Liliuokalani, by the grace of God and under the
constitution of the Hawaiian kingdom Queen, do hereby
solemnly protest against any and all acts done against
myself and the constitutional government of
the Hawaiian kingdom by certain persons claiming to
have established a Provisional Government of and for
this kingdom.

That I yield to the superior force of the United
States of America, whose Minister Plenipotentiary, His
Excellency John L. Stevens, has caused United States
troops to be landed at Honolulu, and declared tha the
would support the said Provisional Government.

Now, to avoid any collision of armed forces, and
perhaps the loss of life I do, under this protest and
impelled by said forces, yield my authority until such
time as the Government of the United States shall, upon
the facts being presented to it, undo (?) the action
of its representative, and reinstate me in the
authority which I claim as the constitutional sovereign
of the Hawaiian Islands.

Done at Honolulu this seventeenth day of January, A.D. 1893.

Source: Home Page

The Case for Haitian Reparations

“For a long time Haiti has borne the weight of a heavy debt which has hindered her economic development.” In the eighteenth century, planters used the lash to extract profits from slaves, but in nineteenth-century post-emancipated Haiti, political elites, domestic and foreign, used economic coercion and gunboat diplomacy by all means to quarantine and undermine Haitian independence.

Source: The Case for Haitian Reparations

Henrietta Lacks cells were used over a million times without her knowledge

Mrs. Lacks was a wife, mother of five, native of rural southern Virginia, resident of Turner Station in Dundalk, Maryland—Henrietta went to Johns Hopkins complaining of vaginal spotting.  She was diagnosed with cervical cancer which quickly consumed her body despite of radiation treatment.  Henrietta life was cut short on October 4, 1951.  Not all of Henrietta Lacks died that day.  She unknowingly left behind a piece of her that still lives today—it’s called the HeLa cell.  Her cells were taken and used for medical research without her consent.  And for more than 20 years after her death Henrietta’s family would learn how science retrieved her cells and of her enormous contribution to medicine and to human life.  The birth of the HeLa cells were making its mark worldwide.  After all the “HeLa” cells continue to multiply  daily as no other cell outside the human body, a breakthrough in cell research.  With that being said the world will never be the same due to the “HeLa” phenomena which began in 1951.  Since then there has been a mass production of the cells which have traveled around the globe, even into space!  Even though Henrietta’s cells launched a multimillion-dollar industry that sells human biological materials, the family never saw any of the profits or that Henrietta received the recognition she deserves.  The “HeLa” cells are continually used for research; in the early 50’s the cells were used to help develop a polio vaccine and now today, the cells are used for cancer and aids research and theories about the cause and treatment of diseases.  Henrietta, unknowingly, changed the medical & science world forever!  She has been called many things:  Immortal, Heroine of Modern Medicine, Medical Miracle, and Wonder Woman.  To her family she was and is: daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother.  Henrietta was a phenomenal woman during her life time, in Henrietta’s passing her medical contributions exhibits what a phenomenal woman she really was.  She continues to enhance many lives who are unaware of her past existence.  After all, she has a rich and important history and a great legacy that she left for her family to carry.


Republicans charge forward with repeal of health care law, but few are eager to follow

TrumpTrump gives Black power salute.

As they race to repeal large parts of the Affordable Care Act, President-elect Donald Trump and congressional Republicans are leaving behind nearly everyone but their base voters and a handful of conservative activists.

Source: Republicans charge forward with repeal of health care law, but few are eager to follow

Every White Person Knows, They Are All In On It – Whatcha Gonna Do Bout It?

Not one white person in this crowd would want to be treated the way Black people are treated in this country. They know how badly we are treated, they know and are all participants in that racist treatment. It ain’t ignorance we are fighting against, ‘they know”. Now we  must come together and force them to stop. We will not accept it any longer.