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Winning battle against poverty by 2020

China has a plan to lift everyone out of poverty by 2020! 2020! What plan does the so-called richest country (USA) in the world have for eliminating poverty? None that I know of.

Decoding Xi’s report – Poverty relief

Source: Winning battle against poverty by 2020

More: http://english.gov.cn/news/video/2016/10/16/content_281475467649421.htm


New African literature is disrupting what Western presses prize

There is a thriving counter-current of transnational African literary life that confounds rather than caters to an international taste for “digestible” fiction.

African literature is the object of immense international interest across both academic and popular registers. Far from the field’s earlier, post-colonial association with marginality, a handful of star “Afropolitan” names are at the forefront of global trade publishing.

Books like Chimamanda Adichie’s “Americanah” and “Half of a Yellow Sun”, Teju Cole’s “Open City”, Taiye Selasi’s “Ghana Must Go” and Yaa Gyasi’s “Homegoing” have confounded neat divisions between Western and African literary traditions. The Cameroonian novelist Imbolo Mbue captured a million-dollar contract for her first book, “Behold the Dreamers”. That’s even before it joined the Oprah’s Book Club pantheon this year.

Source: New African literature is disrupting what Western presses prize

The world hails Sango festival – The Nation Nigeria

His appearance and character were frightening: He is a six-footer, his eyes were blood shot, the cowrie shells attached on his regalia were dangling and making noise as he ran about, a leather band tied with some objects was around his forehead. The gourds tied on his neck were dangling sideways and swinging like aRead More

Source: The world hails Sango festival – The Nation Nigeria

Mother of Philando Castile Speaks Out Against Not Guilty Verdict

People talk about Trenton street violence, that ain’t nothing compared to the violence of police shooting a man down in the street for nothing and the entire weight of the ‘justice, legal system’ standing in support of him. This systemic violence against people of color worldwide is the fight of The Nubian News. We must replace the system of white supremacy/racism with a system of justice.

African-American funeral homes face their own set of challenges

Although the entire burial business is changing, black funeral parlors like West Funeral Home in the Hill have specific challenges.

The business of dealing with the dead has been a way of life for Karen West Butler since her earliest memories of living above the family funeral home established by her grandparents 85 years ago in Pittsburgh’s Hill District.

“You respected families during visitation hours, which were typically from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.,” said Ms. Butler, owner of West Funeral Home on Wylie Avenue. “You either did homework or you watched television.

“But you couldn’t make too much noise because you were upstairs. You couldn’t run around like you were chasing each other until after visitation was over.”

West Funeral Home, which is believed by many in Pittsburgh’s African-American community to be the oldest black-owned business in the region, at one time buried nearly everyone in the Hill District, a historically black community on the outskirts of Downtown.

Source: African-American funeral homes face their own set of challenges | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

2.9 Million People Are At Risk of Famine in Somalia

The world faces the largest humanitarian crisis since the United Nations was founded in 1945, the UN’s humanitarian chief has warned.

“To be precise, we need $4.4bn (£3.6bn) by July,” said Mr O’Brien.

Without the money, he said, children will be stunted by severe malnutrition, gains in economic development will be reversed and “livelihoods, futures and hope will be lost”.

UN and food organisations define famine as when more than 30% of children under the age of five suffer from acute malnutrition and mortality rates are two or more deaths per 10,000 people every day, among other criteria.

Mr O’Brien said the largest humanitarian crisis is in Yemen where two-thirds of the population – 18.8 million people – need aid and more than seven million people are hungry.

Source: Somalia: UN – 2.9 Million People Are At Risk of Famine in Somalia – allAfrica.com

Telling Trenton’s Stories

It’s important to tell our stories. The Nubian News each week will tell the story of Trenton’s people. When our young know what we went through they’ll realize they really are not alone, we went through it too. This is my Mom Blanche Harmon. I have hours of her talking and I want to get more.

Haiti Doesn’t Have a Vodou Problem, It Has a Christianity Problem

This uncritical scapegoating of the Vodou religion (called Santeria in Cuba and Candomblé in Brazil) as the source of Haiti’s problems is typical amongst Catholics and their evangelical Christian counterparts. It implies that Christianity provides you not only with enlightenment from your backwards ways, but financial gains…I guess Italy and Greece just haven’t been praying hard enough!
Source: Haiti Doesn’t Have a Vodou Problem, It Has a Christianity Problem – EBONY

World Heritage Day: Five must-visit sites in India

On World Heritage Day, HT City lists five popular heritage sites in India.


From the magnificent Taj Mahal, architectural ruins of Hampi, captivating Badami cave temples in Karnataka to the historic Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar — India, as we know, is rich in culture, heritage and history. The glorious past of the country is truly reflected in the monuments and its architecture.

The lure of these innumerable heritages sites is such that people from all across the globe travel to India to get a first-hand experience. “Over the last couple of years, there has been an increase in the number of foreign tourists arriving in the country. Heritage tourism India has registered an immense growth in the last few years, ever since additional initiatives were taken by the government of India to boost India’s image as a destination for heritage tourism,” says Ranjeet Oak, chief business officer-Holidays, MakeMyTrip, about heritage tourism in the country.

World Heritage Day: Five must-visit sites in India | travel | Hindustan Times

Angkor Wat: History of Ancient Temple


angkor wat tree 3angkor wat treeangkor wat tree 4angkor wat tree 2angkor wat tree 1Angkor Wat in Cambodia is one of the largest religious monuments ever constructed.

Source: Angkor Wat: History of Ancient Temple

Also Read: https://sacredsites.com/asia/cambodia/angkor_wat.html