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August 16, 2019 Edition of The Nubian News

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Front Page – The Haitian Revolution
The Red Summer of 1919 3
Diabetes And Black Women 3
What To Do If ICE Shows Up At Your Door 4
US Justice Department Resumes Death Penalty 4
New Jersey Restricts Isolated Confinement 4
Ike Williams Boxing Academy: A Community Commitment 5
Parent Appreciation Lunch-in 11
Colombiana es medico y diseñadora de modas 12
La política migratoria que está separando familias 12
Hip Hop Yoga In a Yurt 13
Have You Seen Us (Part 2) 13
Interview with Trenton Councilman Jerell Blakeley 13
“The Tubman Command” 14
Introducing the First NJ Sustainability Reporting Fellows 14
Fed’Em Up Grill Grand Opening 15 The complete online edition of The Nubian News

Suspect Stroke? Call 911

Suspect Stroke? Call 911

Suspect Stroke? Call 911

BE FAST when you suspect a stroke. Recognizing the signs and calling 911 can help a loved one get the medical attention he or she needs. (NAPS) (NAPSI)—A stroke can happen to anyone, of any age, at any time, so it’s important for everyone to learn and understand the signs and symptoms of stroke. The condition, also known as a “brain attack,” is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States and affects more than 795,000 people each year. Stroke occurs when a blood vessel that carries oxygen to the brain is blocked by plaque (acute ischemic stroke) or ruptures and bleeds (hemorrhagic stroke). When it comes to treating stroke, every 10 minutes can save up to 20 million brain cells. That’s why it is crucial to recognize the signs of stroke and act with urgency. If you suspect stroke, call 911 immediately and seek medical attention. Learn the signs to help make a difference In more than 60 percent of stroke cases, someone other than the patient made the decision to seek immediate treatment. The signs of stroke can be subtle and hard to recognize, so educating yourself and others is key to noticing and responding quickly to the sudden onset of one or more of them. You might know the BE FAST signs of stroke but would you or your loved ones be able to identify all 10 signs and symptoms? 1. Confusion 2. Difficulty Understanding 3. Dizziness 4. Loss of Balance 5. Numbness 6. Severe Headache 7. Trouble Speaking 8. Trouble Walking 9. Vision Changes 10. Weakness More than 6.5 million people in the United States are stroke survivors. If you experience a sudden onset of any of these symptoms or recognize the signs in someone else, don’t wait to seek help. It’s okay to overreact because when it comes to stroke, the right care—right away—has the potential to save lives. Who’s at risk? While certain risk factors of stroke, including age, race, gender or family history, are out of your control, there are many factors that you can manage to help reduce the chances of having a stroke. Manageable risk factors of stroke include high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation (AFib), high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, poor circulation, lack of physical activity, and obesity. Choosing healthy lifestyle choices, not smoking or using tobacco products, limiting alcohol consumption and exercising regularly can help greatly reduce your stroke risk. Educating yourself on the signs, symptoms and risk factors of stroke, and empowering others to do the same, can make all the difference for someone experiencing a stroke. Trust your instincts and take action. Your quick action can help improve treatment and recovery from stroke. To learn more about stroke and how to recognize all 10 signs and symptoms, visit BE FAST was developed by Intermountain Healthcare, as an adaptation of the FAST model implemented by the American Stroke Association. Reproduced with permission from Intermountain Healthcare. © 2011 Intermountain Healthcare. All rights reserved

May 3, 2019 Edition of The Nubian News

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Senator Kamala Harris Rolls Out Gun Policy 2
Helping small businesses succeed 2
Latina Head Of Agency Rebuilding Trenton Central High School Ousted 4
La Banda Punta de Lanza es ahora Latinoamericana en Trenton. 6
¿Golpe de Estado fallido? 7
A Night of fights at The PRAC in Morrisville Pa. 9
“We Speak for Ourselves: 10
TerraCycle Presents The Art Of Spray 11
Congress To IRS: Respect Taxpayers Rights 11
What’s Happening 12 The complete Online edition of The Nubian News

April 19, 2019 Edition of The Nubian News

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We need your help? 2
Sit Down with Mayor Gusciora 4
Catolicos-Cristianos conmemoran Semana Santa 6
Panel de discusion de Liga de Municipios en NJ 6
La tierra está ardiendo 7
Recall Is Clearly An Option 9
Be Savage 9
“Queen Bey 10
Mental Health Awareness 10
MLB And Black Players 11 Complete Online Edition of The Nubian News

April 5, 2019 Edition of The Nubian News

Trenton Circus Squad
By Tangela Wright
It started as an online contest that my friend entered and invited me to as her plus 1. It was a Saturday outing and upon my arrival I was met by an awesome hostess who had all the information together to the left of the entrance. To the right, was the mouth watering smell and bags of cotton candy and fresh popped popcorn. Who doesn’t love the circus. Kenneth Gibson First Black Mayor of Newark Passes
By Al Alatunji
Kenneth A. Gibson, who became the first Black to serve as mayor of a major northeastern city, when in 1970 he was elected mayor of New Jersey’s largest city; Newark, died on March 29. We have lost a giant.
Gibson twice sought the Democratic nomination for governor and became a national political figure as the first Black president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors six years later. Propelled to leadership after the Newark riots tore at the city in 1967, Gibson helped establish a foundation for Black political power. Gibson is credited with stabilizing Newark’s finances, improving the health of its citizens and fighting the good fight during difficult times, not just for Newark, but most American cities. When Jamaica Led the Postcolonial Fight Against Exploitation
In the 1970s, a bloc of Third world states forced the UN to take seriously the unequal distribution of global wealth.
“The New International Economic Order was conceived as the international corollary to the domestic projects of socialism.”
This essay appears in Evil Empire and is adapted from Worldmaking after Empire: The Rise and Fall of Self-Determination. Is It Racial or Something Else?
All too often as Black people we have to ask ourselves if what we face has anything to do related to race. That’s stressful.
Unfortunately, too many times we can’t conclude it is or not. Maybe it is and then maybe it isn’t. It’s a horrible way to live a life.
If it is race related then we must respond to it so it doesn’t happen again and again. Sometimes it’s like beating your head against a wall because the racist causing the problem never wants to own up to his/her actions. It is so ingrained in their character they don’t realize, sometimes, anything is wrong. The old saying “a fox can’t smell its own hole” explains it clearly. However, we can smell it. TRABAJADORES EXPETOS EN RE-CONTRUCCION DE VIVIENDAS
Por Carlos Avila
TRENTON-Tras una jornada de trabajo, el pasado día lunes inicio de semana, la cuadrilla de jóvenes hispanos compuesta por: Cesar Monroy (46), Rómulo “Baluc” Ical (35), Randy Soto (46), Josué Yanes (32), Mario Bala (28) y Pedro Rosales (21); ejecutan independiente y a la vez conjuntamente diferentes oficios dentro de lo que es la reconstrucción de viviendas y edificios en el estado de Nueva Jersey. En Nicaragua mientras las conversaciones se interrumpen las protestas no cesan
por Laura Lucia Rodríguez Peña
El próximo 18 de abril se cumplirá un año de crisis para Nicaragua, después de que iniciaran protestas para reformar el seguro social en el país todo ha ido en escala. Las protestas han tomado un tinte violento y el gobierno nacional ha respondido de manera agresiva, las organizaciones internacionales han propuesto diálogos pero el futuro parece incierto para los nicaragüenses. Shiloh Baptist Church hosts Annual Authors Event
By Dawne Washington
Shiloh Baptist Church hosted their annual authors event for Black History Month that showcased the works of authors in the area that deal with important topics such as sexual abuse, the desegregation of schools, children’s books, contributions of those in the black community and urban education.
Rashad Malik Davis, an author and animator, presented artistic works from his book titled “Carefree Like Me.” The Nubian News Book Review
by Terri Schlichenmeyer
“Black is the Body:
Stories From My Grandmother’s Time, My Mother’s Time, and Mine”
by Emily Bernard
c.2019 Knopf -$25.95/$34.95 Canada, 223 pages
Your mother dealt with things you can’t imagine. The Online Edition of The Nubian News

Black Americans are still victims of hate crimes more than any other group | The Texas Tribune

Image result for hate crime against Blacks

James Byrd Jr., who was dragged to death in Texas 20 years ago, became one of the namesakes for a 2009 federal law expanding hate crime legislation. But just 100 hate crimes have been pursued by federal prosecutors between January 2010 and July 2018.

JASPER — Former Texas prosecutor Guy James Gray keeps a 20-year-old CD in his desk that documents with graphic photos one of the most vicious hate crimes in history – the day James Byrd Jr. was beaten, stripped naked, tied to the back of a truck by three men from the Ku Klux Klan and dragged down a dirt road until he was dead and decapitated.

“When you handle a case like that and get inside the mind of a real racist, a white supremacist racist, and you see how dangerous those people are to the fabric of our society, you just become more sensitive to racial issues,” Gray said.

Source: Black Americans are still victims of hate crimes more than any other group | The Texas Tribune

March 22, 2019 Edition of The Nubian News

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Almost a Year But No Police Director

It been nearly a year since new Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora was elected to his post and so far there is still there has been no one named to be the City’s Police Director.
On Wednesday, members of a broad range of organizations and community leaders came out to address that situation.
Rev. John Harris, Pastor of Galilee Baptist Church and Rev. John Taylor, Pastor Friendship Baptist Church lead this group as they pushed the mayor to make a selection.
They brought forth the name of John Day, a retired State Police Lieutenant, for the position.
Rev. Harris said we needed new leadership in the City. He said Mr. Day was the best candidate because he “knows how to reach into the community”.

Sit Down with Mayor Gusciora

By Bernard Shabazz
TNN – When will Trenton Central High open and when will parents and citizens be allowed a walk through of the new school building?
Mayor – The high school is scheduled to open this fall. We just had Principal Grant here to talk about the various academies. We’re gonna bring back Vo-tech, and have Stem Project Science Technology and Hospitality Academy there.
Students will learn skills in the hospitality industry and food production as well as the academic track.


Por Carlos Avila
TRENTON –Con el fin de resaltar la importante labor que realiza la organización Latinas Unidas para el Empoderamiento Político (LUPE), las senadoras Nellie Pou, la Senadora M. Teresa Ruiz y la Senadora Nilsa Cruz-Pérez, presentaron una resolucion en el marco del mes dedicado a la mujer.
“Todos los días, LUPE educa, involucra y capacita a las latinas a través de todo Nueva Jersey para que se presenten, se postulen para cargos públicos y, en su esencia, se fortalezcan y se mantengan activas en nuestra democracia”, dijo la Senadora Pou (D-Bergen/Passaic).

Have You Seen Us?

By Tangela Wright
Congratulations to all the women being celebrated this month.
But, let us recognize another group of women that exists in the shadows of the community. We are the women of Auto Clubs and Social Clubs. Allow me to take this time to introduce you to a few of the women who continue to support the village in which we live.

They Are Our Brothers and Sisters Too

By Al Alatunji
The families, men, women and children attempting to immigrate across our southern border are our brothers and our sisters. They have come to the United States like so many others before them seeking a better life. They too seek freedom, justice and equality. They too seek a better day for their children and their children’s children. They are our brothers and sisters, and we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper.
“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,

¿Está en peligro la paz en Colombia?

por Laura Lucia Rodríguez Peña
Colombia atraviesa un momento decisivo en su historia, pues se encuentra en el tránsito entre las negociaciones de los acuerdos de paz a la implementación de los mismos. Para judicializar a los grupos armados que entregaron las armas, reparar a las víctimas y reconstruir el tejido social en todo el país, se crearon tres instituciones que son el pilar de la justicia transicional en Colombia, estas son: la Comisión para el Esclarecimiento de la Verdad (CEV), la Jurisdicción Especial para la Paz (JEP) y la Unidad de Búsqueda de Personas dadas por Desaparecidas (UBPD).

Nubian News Book Review

by Terri Schlichenmeyer
“You Can’t Go Wrong Doing Right:
How a Child of Poverty Rose to the White House and Helped Change the World”
by Robert J. Brown


By Shakur Towns
LaMar Rice is the owner of Xtreme World Music a record label right here in Trenton, NJ.
LaMar started his company last year. He began his foray into the music industry as a manager of artists. He started out with one artist. “We were doing so good, that other artists came up to me and said, ‘hey could you manage me, too?’ So, I decided to start a management company called Xtreme Music Management.”

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March 8, 2019 Edition of The Nubian News

Miss Nedy Turns 105

Mrs. Nedy Mae Settles-Woodland turned 105 years old on Saturday.. She was born on February 23, 1914 in Bennettsville, North Carolina to the Rev. Charles Settles and his wife Carrie Mae Settles. The family relocated to Claysburg when Nedy was an infant. She is the only survivor of nine children.
Miss Nedy was raised a Christian as a child and through adulthood, attending Mount Moriah Church of God in Christ, founded by father. As the years passed the family relocated to Trenton where she currently resides.

Sit Down with Mayor Gusciora

After I said my usual “good morning” to Mayor Gusciora, I opened up about recent activity between the state and the city.
TNN – On Wednesday (February 20) Gov. Murphy signed an executive order to form a collaboration with the city of Trenton.
Mayor – Gov. Murphy wants to coordinate all the bureaucracies of the city to work together to form a committee so that when we have a project that will touch upon state government we will just go to the committee rather than going to each department to get approval.

Leave Venezuela Alone

The Trump administration has ordered Venezuelan military leaders to drop their support of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Those military leaders must be rocking in laughter at an American president they do not respect nor has control over them. What is the problem? Did Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chavez refuse to allow the Trump organization to build hotels and golf courses in Venezuela then stiff contractors and workers like he did in Atlantic City and other places?
Another US president, on the wrong side of history, is using US resources to undermine, destabilize and overthrow a duly elected government in a country where half the population considers themselves to be “morena” Spanish for black, brown or dark

Youth Perform Music of Soul

On September 17, 2019, the Music of Soul production was given by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. & Trenton Fortitude Corporation. The program was held in celebration of Black History month. The event raised funds which will be used for scholarships in Mercer County.
The 135 youth who participated displayed various musical, theatrical, and vocal appreciation for musical icons such as Donny Hathaway, Roberta Flack, Whitney Houston, TLC, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Teddy Pendergrass and Aaliyah. The youth not only discussed what these individuals were most famous for, but also their educational background.

“America, We Served!”
Four Centuries of African American Soldiers

On February 23rd and 24th the annual event of Four Centuries of African American Soldiers sparked off at the Old Barracks of Trenton Museum. This was much more than Black history but a flash back into the past of what Black people were doing and enduring during this time period that we don’t hear much about.
The four centuries that were covered were the 18th, 19th, 20th and


EAST WINDSOR- El viernes 22 de febrero del presente año, se realizó a nivel de todo el estado de Nueva Jersey el evento denominado “Parents Leadership Recognition” reconocimiento a padres y madres de familia, que asisten a los programas como Mercer County Council for Young Children y otros que se preocupan de buscar óptima calidad de educación y salud para los niños pequeños que tengan éxito en la parte académica y en el bienestar en general.

¿Por qué latinoamérica está de fiesta?

Uno de los legados más significativos que aún prevalecen en América Latina desde la colonización, es el catolicismo como religión mayoritaria en casi toda la región. Esto lo demuestran las cifras, ya que según el Annuarium Statisticum Ecclesiae 2016 América es el continente con mayor número de fieles, albergando al 48,6% de católicos del mundo. (infobae, 2016)
Sin embargo, los latinoamericanos supieron adaptarse a las costumbres

Book Review
“Brown White Black: An American Family at the Intersection of Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Religion”

Information and Update from The Trenton Water Works

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Children learn about life on the farm during the Hatchery program

Preschoolers can learn about life on the farm

Hatchery program

Parent-child program offered

HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP — Howell Living History Farm has announced the schedule for its spring parent-child program, the Hatchery.

The program is designed to introduce pre-school-age children to life on the farm, with activities that include collecting eggs, feeding the animals, and exploring the barns and fields. The Hatchery will run from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings beginning the week of March 11. Children must be between the ages of 3 and 5 years old to participate in the program.

While the children are in Hatchery, the adults volunteer their time helping Howell Farm staff with visiting school groups or with other jobs around the farm. One adult must work at the farm as a volunteer in exchange for one child’s participation in the program. No farming experience is necessary.

To enroll in the program, please contact Christine Madzy at (609) 737-3299 or email for more information.

Howell Farm is owned by the County of Mercer and operated by the Mercer County Park Commission. It is located on Valley Road, just off Route 29, in Hopewell Township. The GPS address is 70 Woodens Lane, Hopewell Township, NJ 08530. Parking and admission are free.

For additional information, call the farm office at (609) 737-3299 or visit

February 15, 2019 Edition of The Nubian News

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Trenton Historian Dr. Jack Washington

By Al Alatunji
The Nubian News pays a Black History Month tribute to Trentonian and Trenton historian the late Dr. Jack Washington. Dr. Washington was a veteran and a highly respected Trenton Central High School history teacher. He was the author of over a half dozen published books on the history of the Black community of Trenton as well as urban education policy and philosophy.
Books written by Dr. Washington include “In Search of a Community’s Past: The Story of the Black Community of Trenton, New Jersey,

Sit down with Senator Shirley Turner

By Bernard Shabazz
Senator Shirley Turner asserted her commitment to serve her constituents and help direct them to sources that can assist with education, grants, financial aid,
2 year no-cost college, after school mentoring programs, state training and employment opportunities.
She went on to reaffirm her dedication to make sure released felons have access to employment, rationalizing that they have to eat and live too. Currently, NJ Department of Transportation has a program that hires released felons, to give them the opportunity to become productive, tax paying citizens.

Black Lives Not Blackface is What Really Matters

By Al Alatunji
Once again an incident has forced a significant number of Americans to examine America’s racist nature. This time courtesy of Virginia governor Ralph Northam, for whom a photo of two individuals one in blackface and the other in a KKK robe was discovered on his 1984 medical school graduation yearbook page.
The governor denied he was either of the people in the photo, even though the photo was on his yearbook page. Within minutes after the photo

Educacion Sobre La Violencia Domestica

Por Carlos Avila
LAWRENCEVILLE- Violencia Doméstica y el Respeto a las Mujeres, fue el tema que se abordó durante la reunión que organizó Mercer County Council for Young Children (MCCYC) el pasado martes 22 de enero en Lawrenceville.
Evelyn Aguilar y Reyna Carothers trabajadoras sociales de Womanspace Inc., fueron las encargadas de liderar el grupo que contó con la participación de madres y padres de familia que llegaron de distintos sectores del condado de Mercer.

See complete online edition of the February 15 issue of The Nubian News