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Aretha Franklin: A Divine Gift for us and through us to all humanity

This is an official statement from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on the passing of legendary singer and activist Aretha Franklin, who departed this life on August 16, 2018 at her home in Detroit.

It is with great pain and sorrow that we reflect on and mourn the loss of this magnificent woman of extreme value. Her value is not only the beautiful gift of her voice, but also the sweetness of her soul, and the deep sensitivity that was her gift, to feel the hurt and pain throughout the world.


Source: Aretha Franklin: A Divine Gift for us and through us to all humanity

Trenton Street Funeral with Rev Mark A Broach

“This is what sick and tired looks like”

Stop the Killing of Our Young Men

On Friday there was a funeral march in Trenton. A march of mothers and father who have lost their sons senselessly by street crimes. Murders.

Rev Mark A. Broach, Pastor of the Trenton Deliverance Center, founded the Trenton Street Funeral organization. This organization brings together loved ones of those who are killed on our streets.


They are brought together to “give the family of victims a chance to express themselves”.

Rev Broach said, “ Trenton has had so many funerals that the community doesn’t get a chance to know what the families are going through. We’re giving them a chance to tell the community what they are going through.”

And tell they did. With a coffin, flowers, pallbearers, grieving mothers and a supportive community. About 200 people gathered at the Trenton War Memorial at five points. People who were saying “this is what sick and tired looks like”. (Go to for video of the funeral march.)

There are more than 180 unsolved murders in Trenton over the past 25 years. Trenton Street has approached Mayor Jackson with its concerns but it seems “his focus is off” on other things.

Next week Trenton Street Funeral will put their demand in writing to submit to the city council, the mayor and the county prosecutor’s office.

“We want to see change, we want to see things different. And the only way that we feel we can do that is if we go directly to the source. So we are going to be demanding change.”

For video of the March go to:

London’s Grenfell Tower blaze killed 500 residents: Local resident

The whole building burned, people, the whole building!!!!!!!!


Bosley Family Wedding (1985?)

Bosley Family Mock Wedding – around 1985?
Back in the day the family hub was Lewisville Rd in Lawerenceville, NJ. On this short road lived our greatparents, grandparents, and all their brothers and sisters. This means our parents grew up together on this street. When we came along we went to our grandparents’ homes and met up with all our cousins. At the time Lewisville Rd was way back in the country, surrounded by farms (Kling) and the Lawrenceville School. Mostly the whole street was family and those who weren’t blood related were related anyway. It was a great place to grow up and we had great times well into our adult years.
This wedding just happened. Somebody put out the call there was going to be a wedding and everybody prepared for it. What a day, what a very special day. Our Aunt Barbara was the bride and Mr. Paul Marrow was the groom. My dad was the father of the bride.

A little history  of Lewisville, NJ

Art Tatum King of Stride Piano

Stephanie Trick is keeping stride alive.

Have you ever noticed that not many musicians have recorded tributes to pianist Art Tatum? The reason for that is pretty simple: Nobody but nobody can play like Art Tatum. In fact, there’s an often-told story about the night Tatum entered a club where Fats Waller was playing. Waller immediately got up from the piano to allow Tatum to play, saying, “I only play the piano. Tonight, God is in the house.” Tatum’s technical facility and gift for lightning-fast improvisations are unequaled. In this version of “Tea for Two,” you can hear what stride piano sounds like in a group configuration. After a solo opening from Tatum, he’s joined by bassist Slam Stewart and guitarist Everett Barksdale. All three players get solo spotlights, and their interplay — especially between Tatum and Barksdale — is awe-inspiring.

Art Tatum artist page: interviews, features and/or performances archived at NPR Music


Source: Stride Piano: Bottom-End Jazz 

Telling Trenton’s Stories

It’s important to tell our stories. The Nubian News each week will tell the story of Trenton’s people. When our young know what we went through they’ll realize they really are not alone, we went through it too. This is my Mom Blanche Harmon. I have hours of her talking and I want to get more.

Downsizing and Moving? Items to Throw Away Before Relocating – AARP

Whether downsizing, relocating, or moving, do not clutter your space with items you should ditch or give away.


Besides downsizing your home and eliminating debt, getting rid of one — or all — of your vehicles could result in the greatest savings. According to AAA, it currently costs an average of $8,698 annually to own and operate a vehicle in the U.S. if you factor in all the costs, including depreciation. If you’re a two-car family, getting rid of one set of wheels might make sense once one or both partners are no longer working. You might be able to get by with public transportation or a car-share program, or at least downgrade to less-expensive vehicles. If you’re planning to relocate in retirement, there are communities where owning a car may not be necessary.

Source: Downsizing and Moving? Items to Throw Away Before Relocating – AARP

The Harlem Hellfighters – The Most Famous African-American Combat Unit of World War I

In World War I, nearly 380,000 African-Americans served in the U.S. Army. African-American soldiers primarily served in the 92nd and 93rd Divisions. While

Source: The Harlem Hellfighters – The Most Famous African-American Combat Unit of World War I

30 Cleaning Hacks that Will Clean Your Car Better (And Faster) Than You Ever Have

Does your car look and smell so horrible that you’re embarrassed to have friends ride with you? Do you wish you had that new-car smell and shine? Have you considered taking it in for detailing? Chances are that like many of us you practically live in your car, which can get pretty grimy from all th

Source: 30 Cleaning Hacks that Will Clean Your Car Better (And Faster) Than You Ever Have