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April 5, 2019 Edition of The Nubian News

Trenton Circus Squad
By Tangela Wright
It started as an online contest that my friend entered and invited me to as her plus 1. It was a Saturday outing and upon my arrival I was met by an awesome hostess who had all the information together to the left of the entrance. To the right, was the mouth watering smell and bags of cotton candy and fresh popped popcorn. Who doesn’t love the circus. Kenneth Gibson First Black Mayor of Newark Passes
By Al Alatunji
Kenneth A. Gibson, who became the first Black to serve as mayor of a major northeastern city, when in 1970 he was elected mayor of New Jersey’s largest city; Newark, died on March 29. We have lost a giant.
Gibson twice sought the Democratic nomination for governor and became a national political figure as the first Black president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors six years later. Propelled to leadership after the Newark riots tore at the city in 1967, Gibson helped establish a foundation for Black political power. Gibson is credited with stabilizing Newark’s finances, improving the health of its citizens and fighting the good fight during difficult times, not just for Newark, but most American cities. When Jamaica Led the Postcolonial Fight Against Exploitation
In the 1970s, a bloc of Third world states forced the UN to take seriously the unequal distribution of global wealth.
“The New International Economic Order was conceived as the international corollary to the domestic projects of socialism.”
This essay appears in Evil Empire and is adapted from Worldmaking after Empire: The Rise and Fall of Self-Determination. Is It Racial or Something Else?
All too often as Black people we have to ask ourselves if what we face has anything to do related to race. That’s stressful.
Unfortunately, too many times we can’t conclude it is or not. Maybe it is and then maybe it isn’t. It’s a horrible way to live a life.
If it is race related then we must respond to it so it doesn’t happen again and again. Sometimes it’s like beating your head against a wall because the racist causing the problem never wants to own up to his/her actions. It is so ingrained in their character they don’t realize, sometimes, anything is wrong. The old saying “a fox can’t smell its own hole” explains it clearly. However, we can smell it. TRABAJADORES EXPETOS EN RE-CONTRUCCION DE VIVIENDAS
Por Carlos Avila
TRENTON-Tras una jornada de trabajo, el pasado día lunes inicio de semana, la cuadrilla de jóvenes hispanos compuesta por: Cesar Monroy (46), Rómulo “Baluc” Ical (35), Randy Soto (46), Josué Yanes (32), Mario Bala (28) y Pedro Rosales (21); ejecutan independiente y a la vez conjuntamente diferentes oficios dentro de lo que es la reconstrucción de viviendas y edificios en el estado de Nueva Jersey. En Nicaragua mientras las conversaciones se interrumpen las protestas no cesan
por Laura Lucia Rodríguez Peña
El próximo 18 de abril se cumplirá un año de crisis para Nicaragua, después de que iniciaran protestas para reformar el seguro social en el país todo ha ido en escala. Las protestas han tomado un tinte violento y el gobierno nacional ha respondido de manera agresiva, las organizaciones internacionales han propuesto diálogos pero el futuro parece incierto para los nicaragüenses. Shiloh Baptist Church hosts Annual Authors Event
By Dawne Washington
Shiloh Baptist Church hosted their annual authors event for Black History Month that showcased the works of authors in the area that deal with important topics such as sexual abuse, the desegregation of schools, children’s books, contributions of those in the black community and urban education.
Rashad Malik Davis, an author and animator, presented artistic works from his book titled “Carefree Like Me.” The Nubian News Book Review
by Terri Schlichenmeyer
“Black is the Body:
Stories From My Grandmother’s Time, My Mother’s Time, and Mine”
by Emily Bernard
c.2019 Knopf -$25.95/$34.95 Canada, 223 pages
Your mother dealt with things you can’t imagine. The Online Edition of The Nubian News