2 thoughts on “The June 8, 2018 Edition of The Nubian News”

  1. Really? You can feature a photo of a trillion but have yet to share the picture I sent in for the rites of passage crossing over? Isn’t the very foundation of the 18th century French created, adopted by African descendants, corruption based in the rites of passage in traditional African practices? No one reached back to me and when I told the young woman who facilitates the process i sent a picture and her contact information, she said she too sent pics and haven’t heard anything not even a sorry your African centered event isn’t worthy a picture in an African named black conceptual news agent, smh. Just additional proof how brainwashed we really are. A cotillion? An African rites of passage? The one imaging the original wins? So unfortunate. I hope to see that young woman again to share with her what I just wrote, can’t find her info. I’m sure if you check your email you’ll find my email and according to her she sent you into also smh

    1. You speak of teaching but how can you teach anyone without empathy? Because something didn’t go the way you wanted then the African people behind it have to be ‘brainwashed’. Maybe, maybe, we are in way over our heads doing something we are ill-prepared to do. Maybe, your picture not printing had nothing to do with any of the accusations you throw around, maybe it was just an honest over-site of something getting lost in the cracks of over-work, under-staffed, and under-funding. Maybe you could have given another gentle reminder, maybe you could have sent some money, maybe you could have called and asked if we needed some help. Maybe just like you, we are doing our best, but sometimes, I’d say many times, our best simply is not good enough sometimes. And maybe you could help a brother with encouragement instead of lambasting with ‘shaking your head’. If I remember correctly I came to your affair but you moved it to another venue without saying a word. I understand the constraints under which we work. I didn’t think the worst of you, I simply thought something had changed and you weren’t in the position of doing everything needed to be done to handle all aspects of that change. I could have just as easily put in the paper ‘they changed their event and didn’t even publicize the change.’ But my assumption was you were doing the best you could under the circumstances. How is it you assume the worst of The Nubian News?
      I remembered the pictures and then I forgot. I’m sorry.

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