Chuck Berry and His Wife Themetta Suggs Married 68 Years

Themetta Toddy Suggs and Chuck Berry have been married for 68 years. They were married on 28th Oct 1948.

Chuck Berry received the John F. Kennedy Center Honors in 2000.
Received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1984.
He originally wanted to be a professional photographer and started singing and playing in a band to buy cameras and photography equipment. Some of his photographs of the famous and near-famous are hanging in galleries around the world today.
He worked as a janitor, carpenter and hairdresser.
He was arguably the most important figure in rock-n-roll in the 1950s along with Elvis Presley. Although Presley had more record sales, Berry was equally influential and had the satisfaction of knowing that he, unlike Presley, had written all of his own classics.
He was voted the fifth Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Artist of all time by Rolling Stone.
His only #1 hit was his controversial novelty song “My Ding a Ling”.
Whenever he performs live, he always picks a venue which is near an Indian restaurant, so he can have a meal straight after the show. When he was at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall in the 1990s, the stage door was directly opposite the front door of the Mogul-E-Azam, so he was able to sneak out the stage door, across the alley and have his meal without traveling too far (one of the roadies on duty that night let slip about the restaurant information).
He was awarded a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame in St. Louis, Missouri on June 25, 1989.
On June 1, 1979, President Jimmy Carter asked him to perform at the White House.
Inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame (1982) and the Blues Hall of Fame (1985).
Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (charter member) (1986) and the American Songwriters Hall of Fame (1986).
He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording at 1777 North Vine Street in Hollywood, California on October 7, 1987.

One thought on “Chuck Berry and His Wife Themetta Suggs Married 68 Years”

  1. Chuck Berry.
    Some kinda Beautiful Spirit!
    As a teenager in Canada, I learned how to dance listening to much of his music.
    Now his Johnny Be Good is circling the stars in far outer space, in a U.S. satellite. A message to future Extraterrestrials.
    That’s a Legacy!
    You go! Johnny Chuck Berry.

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