White Privilege at Capital Health System

Last evening we lived the nightmare of our son collapsing and needing to be taken to Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Trenton, NJ.

I wasn’t there at the time but I was told after he collapsed 911 was called and asked to send an ambulance. The first responder was a police car from either Trenton or Ewing, which was okay. The second car on the scene was also police, okay but where is the ambulance. I’m told a total of nine police cars responded and a photographer from one of the local papers. But still no ambulance.

After a while he was finally taken to the hospital.

Capital Regional Health

By time I got there he had been seen and necessary emergency care was being given. But what struck me as I walked into the emergency entrance was the feeling of entering lock-down instead of a medical care facility.

At the information desk, instead of finding a receptionist, there was a sheriff officer and a member of the hospital security team. I was told to have a seat in the waiting area and medical staff would come to me. He said no one was allowed back in the care unit, which was a lie (deception).

While waiting, four more security personnel came through. I don’t know much about white people, maybe the presence of so much security makes them feel comfortable. I do know Black people and that many police types is not reassuring, it’s intimidating (threat of violence).

Their manner was polite with that authoritative, intimidating undertone. I asked them why the hospital was putting on an intimidation front instead of a helpful concerned one. They had no answer and they shouldn’t have. It’s the administrators who designed this and they are the ones who must answer the questions. Intimidation is violence. Deception, the threat of violence and violence are the main tools of white supremacists to maintain their system of white supremacy.

At Capital Health’s other facility in Hopewell security types are almost non existent. There you are greeting by a receptionist and you can go virtually anywhere you want to at any time of day and night. This hospital is in a white area.

So what’s the difference? The only thing I see is the predominate race of the people who go to the two hospitals. In Hopewell it’s whites and in Trenton it is non-whites.

When I go to the hospital emergency room I don’t need police intimidation (threat of violence) added on to my already delicate state of mind. I don’t need the added stress of deception and racial discrimination. Because if you are treating us differently in the lobby because of our color it stands to reason you are also treating us differently back in the medical care unit, too.

That’s a hell of a stress to lay on the backs of already worried stressed out people.

Stop it.


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TNN Comment: It seems Mayor Jackson and the City Council are selling out the people of Trenton. They continue to give control of this city to the state while doing very little to help the average citizen of Trenton. So far they have raised taxes on us and have given the police a hefty raise. All the while city services have gone down, such as street repair, recreation and maintenance of our parks.
We don’t need people representing the interests of the State, we need our elected officials to represent and do good by us.

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